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Agronomy Services at GCP

Garden City is always striving to improve our offer and work as partners to our customers. Since joining GCP in 2018, our Agronomist Elliott has supported our growers to successfully help and provide technical plant growing information.

Having Agronomists on staff to work with our sales teams nationwide is a perfect way to offer more assistance to our customers and work even more closely with suppliers to conduct structured Trials in field and provide details on specific diseases, pests or problems in the Nursery setting.

Hygiene & Biosecurity

We provide biosecurity practices that aim to reduce the risk of pests & pathogens. Through this service, we can help you to introduce and implement Hygiene & Biosecurity measures.

Nutrition Balance Advice

We consider your crop demands and variable environmental factors to tailoring fertilizer rates for diverse nursery crops.

Pest & Disease Consultation

We assist you in meeting your nursery pest & disease management requirements. We recommend cultural practices, beneficial control and at last chemical treatments to address the pest and disease issues you may have.

Biological Services NEW at GCP

Garden City Plastics & Biological Services have partnered to provide biocontrol solutions to growers within the Horticulture and Ornamental industry of Australia. Growers can access biological control agents such as Predators and Parasitoids with recoendations for implementing and handling Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs within their growing systems through the collaborative work of GCP Agronomists & Biological Services IPM Consultants.

Guide to IPM in NurseriesDownload pdf

Download our IPM Guide - Covering information for managing key pests that damage plants in many nurseries in Australia.

Biological Services

Controlled Environment Horticulture Advice

We are invested in helping growers improve agronomic practices by integrating data, technology, and experience to match crop needs with the environment and production conditions in a sustainable and responsible way.

Over the years, GCP has developed sustainable relationships with global experts and research organisations in terms of technology inputs such as lighting, irrigation, soil management etc. Together, we improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of growers.

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Water & Irrigation Advice

It is no gain saying that water remains an important but a highly competitive resource. Today, water health, use efficiency and waste reduction is key in ensuring healthy plant growth and development. Major issues impacting water health in plant production can be classified into biological (e.g. pathogenic & non-pathogenic organisms) and chemical (e.g. pH, salinity, nutrient load etc.) with both having a significant relationship.

Within the GCP range, Organic / biological solutions, Chemical solutions, partnership, and expertise in providing laboratory water testing & result interpretation to recommend strategies in maintaining and improving water quality used in plant production. We are constantly researching for modern, sustainable, and innovative solutions in helping growers ensure water sanitation.

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Meet the Agronomists

GCP's Agronomy Team are located at the Head Office in Dandenong, Victoria and they are available to service all GCP customers nationwide.
Please feel very welcome to call or email and contact our staff at any time and for any problem.

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