Aminogro is a microbial & plant Biostimulant. It is a complete plant food in the form of amino acid-based nutrients fortified with essential trace elements which promotes healthy plant growth and development under stressful conditions.
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Aminogro is a enzymatically digested blend of crustacean and wild fish wastes fortified with trace minerals and vitamins. Aminogro contains nitrogen in the amine form (NH2+) which is the most plant available form of essential nutrients. A balanced blend of NPK, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and proteins makes Aminogro a complete organic plant food.
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Pack Size 20 L
Brand Name OCP
Volume 20
Size L / Kg 20 L
Active Ingredient A blend of amino acids plus essential trace elements
Scheduling 0
Formulation Liquid
Organic Yes

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It should be applied or injected into an irrigation system towards the end of watering. It makes an excellent tan mix with glyphosate and other knockdown herbicides as it may hasten dead material to dissipate. To get the best results from foliar applications, always apply Aminogro premixed with Synertrol Oil.