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A natural insecticide produced using a patented process of extracting Azadirachtin from Neem seed kernel. Azadirachtin is one of nature's most potent and broad-spectrum insecticides. Its insect growth regulator & high anti-feedant activity enables its compatible in an IPM and rotation program for insect control such as Aphids, Two Spotted Mites, Whitefly, & Fungus Gnat in potting soil mixtures.

Sucking Insects & Mites | Product activity & formulation:

Organic | Liquid
Group: UN
Scheduling: 5
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Product Brand OCP
Size L / Kg 1 L
Product Function Chewing Insects
Pesticide Type Insecticide
Active Ingredient(s) 11.82 g/L Azadirachtin A and B present as 29.55 g/L Azadirachta indica extract (Parry America Inc.)
  • Apply as soil drench against Fungus gnats.
  • Multiple applications (3 - 5) may be required in high infestations.
  • Additional botanical oil concentrate adjuvant is recommended.