Besgrow Classic Gropac 100x20x8 (8 Round Holes)

8 round holes 100x20x8 - CLASSIC Standard 2 Year UV stability ** Minimum of 3month for custom orders and for bulk orders. **
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Besgrow Gropacs are purpose made, compressed slabs of coir wrapped in UV treated plastic. Select your specific grades and sizes to suit the growing conditions of many hydroponic crops.
Customizable in every way, pre-cut plant holes, drain slits and dripper hole positions to customer specifications This makes installation of the Gropacs very quick and easy to fit your exiting method and sized frames. 2 Year UV stability, capable of increased UV stabilization on custom orders. Available in white as standard, or black.
Besgrow Coir is your only option when looking for a consistent, quality growing substrate for hydroponic growing. Many growers in New Zealand and Australia are using Besgrow Coir with excellent results. Specific grades have been produced to give the grower the options of various air and water ratios to suit their growing conditions and personal growing techniques.
At the end of the growing season, because coir is an organic product, it can be recycled and used as an excellent soil conditioner. There are no disposal issues with coir as with some other hydroponic substrates.
Hydrated standard size: 100x20x8cm
Grades available: Classic, Power, Profit and Crush
Gropacs can be customised to different sizes to suit your growing requirements
Hydrated size: 23.5x18x18cm
Grades available: Classic, Crush
All Besgrow Coir products are produced from sustainable and renewable coconut plantations.
More Information
Product Brand besgrow
Length cm 100
Width cm 20
Height cm 8
Expanded Volume L 16
Compressed Bag Size L * D * H cm 100 x 20 x 8