Aphid Parasite Mixture

(Aphelinus Abdominalis + Aphidius Colemani + Aphidius Ervi+ Diaeretiella Rapae)
A combination of three different aphid parasites. Useful in situations when unsure of Aphid species present in crop.
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Each one of these parasites will control green peach aphids + but some will also control some of the larger aphid species such as greenhouse potato aphid + potato aphid + and pea aphids along with other common aphid species such as cotton or melon aphids + turnip and cabbage aphids. Aphid Parasite mix can be used in all crops where susceptible aphids are found and can be used in both indoor and outdoor crops. Crops that benefit from AP mix include (but are not restricted to) capsicums + eggplants (aubergine) + flowers + a range of ornamentals + and some field crops such as potato + brassicas and legumes.
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