(Eretmocerus Warrae)
Eretmocerus can be used on all crops where greenhouse whitefly is present + and should be better suited to those with more hairs on the lower leaf surface than Encarsia. Target crops include greenhouse vegetables (tomato + cucumber + eggplant) + ornamentals (gerbera + chrysanthemum + rose) + strawberries and herbs. In summer and in warmer climates they will also be useful in outdoor nursery stock and gardens
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Eretmocerus is a parasitoid wasp which attacks whiteflies + particularly greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum). It also predates non-parasitised stages. Eretmocerus is tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and relative humidity + and is particularly useful in summer where very hot conditions are experienced which are less conducive to Encarsia development. They are also more tolerant to some pesticides than many other parasites.
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