Bonding Tape 152mm x 7.6m Black

Instant self-adhesive Permanently Repairs: EPDM, TPO, Hypalon®, Metal, Modified Asphalt, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Aged & Rigid PVC, OSB, Rigid Extruded Polystyrene, Wood, and Tile.
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Instant self-adhesive. Permanently bonds to almost everything!
Can even be applied to most materials when damp!

Directions for use:

Remarkable bonding properties are the result of proprietary blending of unique synthetic co-polymers and butyl rubber. It can be installed to temperatures as low as -4°C without the need for primer and keeps on sticking from -50°C to 90°C. Guaranteed not to crack, harden, or shrink. In addition to instantly stopping leaks and permanently repairing most roofing materials, it will repair skylights, gutters, flashings, caravans, trucks & trailers, garden sheds, pond liners, tarps, and will even stick to brick and concrete.

Surface Preparation: The repair area should be clean and free of dirt, dust, oxidation, and any oily residue. For maximum adhesion and ease of application, a dry surface is preferred. However, it can be applied to most non-porous surfaces when wet.

How to apply: For smaller repairs, with backing paper attached, unroll tape over repair area. Use sharp scissors or knife to cut to the correct length. Peel off easy release backing paper and firmly press in place. For larger repair areas begin by removing 15 to 30cm of easy release backing paper and press tape in place. Slowly and carefully continue to unroll the roll, continuing to remove the release paper and pressing in place as you go. To maximise adhesion, go over the repair area using a small hand roller while applying moderate pressure, taking care to remove any pockets of trapped air.

When applying in wet conditions, apply a small test patch first to assure proper adhesion. Use maximum pressure to squeeze moisture out from between tape and the surface to be repaired. Allowing excess moisture to remain will undermine the adhesive bond.

• Do not install over plasticised PVC.
• Do not install over fresh silicone caulk. If installing over cured silicone adhesion may be compromised.
• Do not install on frost-covered surfaces.
• Not intended to repair boats or other marine craft below the waterline
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