3mtr Hose & Check Valve for Ezi-action Drum Pumps

Ezi-action® Non-siphon 3m Tube
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For use with the Ezi-action® 1000/220 (IBC) Pump. Makes dispensing from a tote easier. To eliminate the risk of unintentional siphoning this hose is supplied fitted with the Ezi-action® Non-siphon Check Valve. If you are dispensing from drums you can cut the hose down to 1 metre.

• 19mm ID, non-toxic PVC hose.
• 3 metre length for Ezi-action® 1000/220 (IBC) Pump.
• Fits all Ezi-action® Drum pumps.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhgr44b4zvI
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Brand Name Ezi-action DRUM PUMP

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