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5. PP5DeeWeed to suit P300ST (84 Units = 168 Halves)

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DeeWeed has developed a novel device that is designed to greatly reduce the costs of weed control in potted plants – a big problem in nurseries that we have been trying to solve for years. The end product, developed after numerous prototypes and field trials, has been dubbed the Potheadᵀᴹ. It consists of an elegantly shaped, concave plastic lid, applied in two overlapping parts that fit snugly to the rim of the pot, preventing light from reaching the growing media surface.

Practical benefits of the Potheadᵀᴹ:

  • Weed Management.
    The Potheadᵀᴹ has been shown to reduce weed burden in nursery pots.
  • Water Efficiency.
    Our team of engineers designed a fit-for-purpose innovative vent system to ensure water reaches the plant root system.  The innovative vent system has shown to be effective under multiple irrigation systems, including overhead and drip irrigation systems. The Potheadᵀᴹ has shown water savings through condensation.
  • Temperature Moderation.
    The Potheadᵀᴹ has shown the ability to moderate temperatures of the growing media.
  • Reduction in the displacement of growing media in heavy rain, hail or wind (reducing mess and the spread of soil-borne diseases).
  • Wind Resistance - secure clip-on system.
  • Easy Application -  we tested the application of the Potheadᵀᴹ and found that the application is competitive with and even less than current commercially available weed management products.

Design features of the Potheadᵀᴹ:

  • Made in Australia, for Australian conditions, from recycled plastic and fully recyclable (P5)
  • UV stabilised to ensure product longevity and lifespan to match plastic pot products
  • Re-use. Unlike current commercial available, single-use weed control - the Potheadᵀᴹ is easy to wash/sterilise and re-use over and over again.
  • Covered air vents to allow growing media to breathe
  • Elegant design and ease of application/removal.

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Learn more about the innovation and development of DeeWeed at DeeWeed.com.au - Innovative Weed Management Solutions.

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Default Option 00 - Black
Default UOM CTN84
Brand Name DeeWeed
Diameter mm 315
Height 20
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