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Ecocarb was developed as part of a Grape Wine R & D project to investigate alternatives to copper and sulphur for the control of Downy and Powdery mildew in wine grapes. Since that time ecocarb has also been tested in a wide range of horticultural crops and ornamentals and is a proven alternative to sulphur for the control of Powdery mildew where IPM is a key driver of good agricultural practice. Fungicide control of Powdery mildew on Grapes and Roses, Dollar Spot in Turf and Geranium Rust. May be used with boom spray, aerial spray, misting machine, hand gun or knapsack spray.
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Product Brand OCP
Size L / Kg 5 kg
Product Function Contact
Pesticide Type Fungicide
Active Ingredient(s) Potassium Bicarbonate (OCP)