1 L - Esi Root Gel

1 L - Esi-Root Gel - Increased production and strike rate = increased yeilds!
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Is a unique scientifically formulated and tested rooting solution, offering superior striking of most cuttings over conventional striking compounds. The one convenient Esi-Root product can be used for both hardwood and softwood cuttings, and easy to strike and hard to strike species.
What does all this mean for you?
• Increased Strike Rate - Trial data and propagation testimonials indicate that EZI-ROOT can increase production throughput as well as increase strike rates over many conventional striking products.
• Less burning -the effective delivery system used in EZI-ROOT requires a lower concentration of hormones, thus reducing the risk of burning – further increasing the strike rate.
• Confidence - in knowing that commercial growers have been using EZI-ROOT for many years.
More Information
Product Brand GCP
Size L / Kg 1 L
Product Function Rooting Hormones
Pesticide Type Soil & Plant Additives
Active Ingredient(s) Indol-3-YI-Butyric Acid, Naphthalacetic Acid, Preservative (Kippax Packaging)
Used for dipping hardwood & softwood cuttings and easy to strike and hard to strike species.