For pre-emergent control of weeds associated with ornamental plants.
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For pre-emergent control of weeds associated with ornamental plants in containers and in ground and in warm season turf.

Freehand Herbicide offers the ornamental grower and turf manager a new tool for pre-emergent weed control of broadleaf and grassy weeds. Its two unique active ingredients, pendimethalin and dimethenamid-P, prevent weeds from growing and multiplying by inhibiting cell growth in seedling shoots and impeding plant cell microtubule assembly in roots.
• Safe on a broad range of ornamental crops and warm season turfs.
• Provides up to three months of control and suppression of over 60 of the toughest weeds.
• Its granular formulation and excellent particle distribution allow for easy spreading and flexible application rates.
• Very stable on the soil surface and does not need to be watered in immediately.
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Pack Size 22.7 Kg
Brand Name BASF
Size kg 22.7 Kg
Pallet Qty 5000
Function Pre-Emergent
Active Ingredient 10 g/Kg Pendimenthalin, 7.5 g/Kg Dimethnamid-P
Broadleaf Yes
Residual Yes
Contact Yes
Scheduling 6
Synthetic Yes
Formulation Granular

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Product Information

Do not apply to wet foliage, sick plants, apply in glasshouses or poorly ventilated poly houses. 3 month residual control (season long) in a single application.
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