5.2L Pottery Style (250mm)

5.2L ottery Style (250mm) (5.2mm) Pottery Style
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This decorative container is 5.2 litre. It's ideal for any plant with a semi-pendulous habit including herbs, House plants, rockery plants and annual/perennial flowering lines. Purchase hanger (H460CK & H430CK) and Saucer (SCR250HBK) separately. Suitable as a hanging basket in retail outlets.
More Information
Brand Name GCP
Diameter mm 250
Height 165
Volume 5.2
Pots Per M3 192
Pack Qty 84
Pallet Qty 1008
Suits Hanger H460CK
Suits Saucer SCR250HBK
Minimum Run 1008
Notes SCR250HBK,H460CK