5.7L Saucerless Basket (270mm)

5.7L aucerless Basket (270mm) (5.7mm) Saucerless Style
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The Saucerless hanging basket is 2.4 litres. The Saucerless base ensures extra water holding capacity whilst growing, in the retail outlet and in the home garden situation meaning less chance of drying out. Ideal for any hanging plant both indoor and outdoor, flowering or foliage, edible and fruiting. Hanger to suit is the H430CK. No saucer required.
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Brand Name GCP
Diameter mm 265
Height 165
Volume 5.7
Pots Per M3 175
Pack Qty 76
Pallet Qty 912
Bulk Qty 1280
Suits Hanger H430CK
Minimum Run 1064
Notes H430CK