Mankar Carry-HQ-30.

* ORDER ONLY - Mankar Carry-HQ-30. Hand Held Unit. (Square spray hood)
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Mankar's patented segment atomisers create evenly-sized, evenly-spaced droplets which allows high-concentrate products to be used without dilution.

Through the use of hoods, atomisers and a non-pressurised delivery, Mankar sprayers boast excellent drift control.

No need to mix the chemical with water, therefore you benefit from less downtime (no filling tanks, measuring, etc) and carrying a lot less weight.

The Mankar HQ 30 with Arm Support and 1 Litre tank is a heavy-duty, full-featured handheld herbicide applicator. The arm support and 1 litre (34 oz) tank allow you to work longer more comfortably than a conventional backpack sprayer.

Thanks to the straight spray hood edges, the Mankar HQ 30 is particularly well suited to spraying along lawn borders, for example, and for accessing right-angled corners. The spray width is adjustable from 10 to 30 cm (4-12") by rotating the cap.

Other uses for the Mankar HQ30 Ultra-Low Volume Sprayer include between pots spaced out on gravel, drawing lines on fields, and spot-spraying in the garden.

8 hours working time per battery charge. The LED on the machine turns red when it is time to charge the machine.
The visual flow display in the handle makes it easy to monitor how much product is being applied.
Only 2.6 kgs (5.7 lbs)! This machine is lightweight, and especially with the forearm support it is easy to carry all day.
Adjustable spray width from 10-30 cm. (4-12 inches).
Simple operation. Just press the thumb switch and walk. There is no pumping, and depending on the herbicide you only need a refill every 2 hours or so.
All components are integrated into the body of the machine for maximum robustness and longevity.
All materials are extremely dimensionally stable, robust and UV-resistant.
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Brand Name Mankar
Weight kg 2.6 kg
Tank Capacity 1 litre

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