Movento® 240 SC Insecticide is a powerful, innovative insecticide for the control of sucking pests.
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Movento® offers offers truly unique two-way control, moving both upward and downward within plant tissue to find and control even hidden pests wherever they live and feed providing excellent pest control in dense crop canopies.

Controls Green peach aphid, Silverleaf whitefly, Western flower thrips, Tomato thrips, Grey cabbage aphid, Plague thrips, Cotton aphid, Brown sowthistle aphid, Currant lettuce aphid, Onion thrips, Corn aphid, Red scale, Mussel scale, White louse scale, Soft brown scale, Pink wax scale, Kelly’s citrus thrips, Longtailed mealybug, Tuber mealybug, White mango scale, Citrus mealybug, Pink wax scale, Red scale, San Jose scale, Black cherry aphid, Black peach aphid.

Movento® offers long lasting protection giving a high level of residual efficacy and protection of new plant growth. Used in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs as it provides minimal risk to natural predators when used as directed. Low-Use Rate - Lower spray volume can typically be utilized on certain crops, resulting in time and labour savings, as well as more timely application to the entire area to be treated.

Movento® is better able to control sucking pests ‘hiding’ on the covered inner leaves that other Plant Protection can’t reach. Movento®  is highly compatible with IPM production systems, being ‘soft’ on most beneficial species when used as directed and highly effective on pest populations that may have developed resistance to existing registered products..

More Information
Product Brand Bayer
Size L / Kg 3 L
Product Function Sucking Insects
Pesticide Type Insecticide
Active Ingredient(s) 240 g/L Spirotetramat (Bayer)