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  1. GCP - Transform your garden into a thriving paradise with AQUAMATE!

    Enhancing soil microbial health, optimizing plant growth, and boosting nutrient & water uptake. Say goodbye to bio-film, scale buildup, and high maintenance costs.
    Your plants deserve the best, and AQUAMATE delivers!

    Available now at GCP Nationwide.

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  2. GCP - Unleash the power of Slasher Organic Weedkiller!

    Say goodbye to a wide range of weeds, stubborn moss, algae, and lichen. Its rapid non-selective action desiccates and burns on contact, delivering visible results in just 1 hour.

    Made from plant extracts and glyphosate-free, it's safe for veggie patches and approved for organic gardening with zero soil residues.

    Available now at GCP Nationwide. Check out the link in our bio for more information!

    Slasher Organic Weedkiller
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  3. GCP - Unlock your plants' full potential with Regen 2000!

    Harness the power of natural plant-derived smoke extract for boosted nutrient uptake, stress tolerance, and accelerated growth.

    Available now at GCP Nationwide. Check out the link in our bio for more information!

    See the power of Regen!
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  4. GCP - Buy any bag of Nutricote & get a FREE* Umbrella!

    This season, Nutricote, GCP & Yates have your nutrient needs covered. From Oct 1 to Dec 31, grab any Nutricote bag and receive a FREE* Nutricote umbrella!
    Buy 10+ bags in a single transaction and enter to WIN a Nutricote Fertil 5 dibbler – one lucky winner per state!

    *Limited to one umbrella per customer*

    Available now at GCP Nationwide.

    FREE* Nutricote umbrella!
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  5. GCP - Specticle Herbicide

    Say goodbye to unwanted weeds!

    Specticle Herbicide has you covered.

    Registered to tackle 30+ annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, it's a game-changer in weed control.
    Apply before seed germination for up to 8 months of protection. Plus, it's a perfect partner for post-emergent heroes like RoundUp Biactive, Basta, and Slasher.

    Don't wait! Grab this limited-time deal: Get a $50 Visa Gift Card* when you purchase Specticle. Hurry, it won't last forever!

    Available now at GCP Nationwide.

    Specticle Herbicide

    Talking Tall Trees with Jared Vanderuit from the Cohort Nursery Group
    See the case video discussing Specticle; Talking Tall Trees with Jared Vanderuit from the Cohort Nursery Group!
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  6. Why choose Freehand Herbicide?

    • Broad-spectrum control of over 60 weeds
    • Granular formulation for easy application
    • A unique combination of two action modes
    • Provides excellent residual control and supports resistance management


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  7. Advanced Tree Range - Woven Bags, Anti-Spiral Pots, and Advanced Tubs

    GCP stock a full range of products for growing advanced trees. Check out our range of Woven Bags, Anti-Spiral Pots, and Advanced Tubs by clicking the link or reach out to GCP Staff for more information.

    A selection of Advanced Tree Products are available now.

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  8. Propagation is easy with GCP - Cell Plug Trays | Cartons | Substrates

    Propagation is easy with GCP’s new range of Australian made 100% recyclable cell plug trays, ready to use Jiffy propagation substrates and plug transport cartons. Check out our range by clicking the link in our bio or reach out to GCP Staff for more information.

    See all related products.
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  9. Growing Media and Nutrition - Western Australia

    Join the Garden City Plastics team and partners for our ‘Workshop Series’ titled ‘Growing Media and Nutrition’

    This is your opportunity to attend this free workshop and take away some essential, practical and technical information from industry experts in their field. Lunch will be provided on the day, please ensure you inform GCP of any dietary requirements.

    Presentations will cover many growing media and nutrition topics including: physical and chemical properties of potting media, micro-nutrients, wetting agents, biostimulants and just what goes into making quality growing media.

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  10. Growing Media and Nutrition - South Australia

    Join the Garden City Plastics team and partners for our ‘Workshop Series’ titled ‘Growing Media and Nutrition’

    This is your opportunity to attend this free workshop and take away some essential, practical and technical information from industry experts in their field. Lunch will be provided on the day, please ensure you inform GCP of any dietary requirements.

    Presentations will cover many growing media and nutrition topics including: physical and chemical properties of potting media, micro-nutrients, wetting agents, biostimulants and just what goes into making quality growing media.

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  11. GCP - Systemic Insect Control Without Spraying

    This product is effective against defoliating, stem damaging, root feeding and sap sucking pests, such as Aphids, Psyllids. Scales, Mealybugs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Azalea Lacebugs etc.

    Available from all GCP Branches nationwide.

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  12. Waratah Horticultural Trade Information Days - TAS

    Horticultural Trade Information Day 2023

    Launceston 4th July and Hobart 5th July.

    Horticultural Trade Information Day 2023

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  13. Green Expo 2023 - NGIQ

    A showcase of Australia’s Greenlife Industry

    Green Expo remains a standout event on the Australian calendar, that truly brings industry together.

    Garden City Plastics views sponsorship of events like Green Expo as a demonstration of our unwavering support for the Nursery and Garden Industry. As State Platinum and Event Lanyard Partners again for 2023, the team at GCP are looking forward to playing our part in ensuring a great event for all.

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  14. NSW Growing Media and Nutrition Event

    Jun 28 - Growing Media and Nutrition - NSW

    Join the Garden City Plastics team and partners for our ‘Workshop Series’ titled ‘Growing Media and Nutrition’

    Growers Workshop
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  15. New Plastic Extendable Totem!

    Totems and Extension available now.

    GCP have developed a plastic Totem with Extensions to help show off all your Greenlife.

    GCP Plastic Extendable  Totem

    With the demand on Indoor and Patio plants at an all-time high, GCP have developed a plastic Totem with Extensions to help show off all your Greenlife. With a height of 300mm and extensions available at 150mm, your plants will be presented terrifically and have appeal at the retail store. Totems and Extension available now.

    • Easy to push into the soil.
    • Extensions click in easily for stability.
    • Plants hook their stems on the totem minimizing excess clips.
    • Manufactured in Black to help the plant show itself off. Colours can be made to order.
    • Manufactured using recycled material.

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  16. Jiffy Preforma the Ultimate in Flexibility

    Jiffy Preforma the ultimate in flexibility.

    Propagation plug solution for every grower.

    Jiffy Preforma

    Preforma offers many advantages:

    • Ready to use
    • Saves on labour and space
    • Suitable for both manual and machine planting
    • No transplant shock and rapid rooting

    Exclusively available through Garden City Plastics | Your Partners in Propagation | Trusted Partners Since 1975

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  17. Purchase 10 bags of Freehand Herbicide and receive a free Solo Granular Spreader

    FREE Solo Granular Spreader

    Purchase 10 bags of Freehand Herbicide and receive a free Solo Granular Spreader
    (terms and conditions apply, contact GCP for more information)

    Freehand Herbicide offers the ornamental grower and turf manager a new tool for pre-emergent weed control of broadleaf and grassy weeds. Its two unique active ingredients, pendimethalin and dimethenamid-P, prevent weeds from growing and multiplying by inhibiting cell growth in seedling shoots and impeding plant cell microtubule assembly in roots.

    FreeHand Herbicide

    • Safe on a broad range of ornamental crops and warm season turfs
    • Provides up to three months of control and suppression of over 60 of the toughest weeds
    • Granular formulation and excellent particle distribution allow for easy spreading and flexible application rates
    • Very stable on the soil surface and does not need to be watered in immediately

    With offices nationwide, choose Garden City Plastics for all your horticulture, landscape and nursery supplies.

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  18. Do you really know what's in your water? Keep your water clean and sanitized with Vibrex!

    Do you really know what’s in your water?
    Do you have biofilms? Keep your water clean / sanitized with Vibrex!

    VIBREX, a stabilised chlorine dioxide (CIO2) is designed for sanitising irrigation water, removing biofilms and a broad-spectrum biocide surface cleaner. It is effective over a broad pH range, safe for the environment, cost effective and easy to use.


    Vibrex - What's in your water?
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  19. Improve your strike rate & propagation efficiency with Clonex.

    Improve your strike rate & propagation efficiency with Clonex. This leading propagation gel improves safety by eliminating splash and blow about and allows anyone to achieve professional propagation results. Clonex is available from Garden City Plastics in three different strengths and three different sizes (1L, 5L or 20L)

    Clonex ad

    Key Benefits:

    • Gel formulation advantageous for safe handling, eliminating splash or blow-about of product
    • Gel seals cut tissue instantly, eliminating the risk of infection or embolism
    • Increased strike rate with gel retaining active ingredient against plant tissue
    • Formulation available in three different strengths for softwood, semi–hardwood and hardwood cuttings

    Click here to purchase Clonex - Rooting Hormones

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  20. NEW PRODUCT: Introducing the new 91.5cm (100m roll) Heavy Duty Weedmat

    Product Code: WM915100
    Material: Woven Polypropylene
    Size: 0.915m wide x 100m long
    Weight: 108 gsm

    Special price of $65 + GST, while stocks last

    wm915100 Banner

    • Premium weedmat made in Greece
    • Heavy duty
    • 5 year UV warranty
    • Other sizes available
    • Free delivery to metro areas, country FOB
    Click here to visit the product page.
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  21. NEW PRODUCT: Introducing the new POTHEADᵀᴹ TO SUIT P300ST

    It’s a new novel approach to weed management and offers many benefits to the grower. It’s versatile, economical and designed to fit the P300ST pot.
    Available in Black, (colour on request), from all GCP branches nationwide.
    Click here to visit the product page.

    DW300ST Banner
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  22. Microbiome-The heavy weight lifters in plant production

    by Elliott Akintola


    The rhizosphere is complex and comprises of distinct microbial communities. The soil which is the most abundant primary plant growing environment contains huge quantities of microbial biomass, including fungi, protists, viruses, bacteria, archaea and other microbial eukaryotes which are collectively referred to as the soil microbiome (Fierer 2017). Each microorganism in the below ground ecosystem can exhibit distinct physiological and ecological attributes which in part, is due to the heterogenicity of a single soil that can consist of a wide range of diverse microbial habitats with unique microbial communities (Serna‐Chavez, Fierer & Van Bodegom 2013).

    Soil microorganisms have crucial roles in nutrient cycling, maintenance of fertility and carbon sequestration, (Chaparro et al. 2012). The importance of the soil microbiome on plant health has long been recognised, becoming the foundation of various biological technologies and innovations deployed in a wide range of growing practices.

    Today’s Reality

    Horticultural growers are gradually realising that biological technologies hold tremendous amount of promise to improving plant production and yield. The increasing attention to sustainability and environmental footprint of plant production, occupational health, and safety, increased frequency of extreme weather events, availability and higher input costs are major factors fostering new thinking amongst growers for alternative methods of pest control, fertility, or more efficient with nutrition strategy. Moreover, biologicals can play a significant role in abating abiotic stresses and improving plant recovery process.

    Still a matter of trust However, the industry still struggles in the key area of accepting the credibility. A 2021 Farm Journal Survey of US growers had 41% indicate that trust of product performance was a concern in adoption of biologicals and the same can be said for growers in Australia and other parts of the world. Specifically, many Australian growers have experienced biological technologies at some point in their production but many of the early product entrants struggled in some important ways.

    Initially, they were over promised but under delivered on their claims or struggled with variability in performance because users could not fully appreciate or understand where the technologies best fit. In some cases, the results shared were anecdotal and devoid of strong science. Technologies in the space, especially the early entrants also struggled with scalability and may have been better suited to home gardens instead of large commercial scale production.

    Snake oil overpromised reality

    What Is Available?

    In the last 10 – 15 years, the biological space has been maturing rapidly and upon closer inspection, the leading products appear to be based on sound scientific research with clear and fundamental understanding of the mode of action involved in gaining results. Second, and probably the most important attribute is that they have been widely and repetitively tested in the field, providing a valuable understanding of where the technologies do and do not work. The leading technologies are also capable of scalability and deployment for large production systems such as landscape, turf management, propagation (cuttings and seed) and production nursery functions such as: media incorporation and spraying.

    Biologicals available today come in different forms and functionality and can be grouped into four classes based on their use. An overall summary of each class is highlighted below:

    I. Biocontrol Agents (BCA) or Biopesticides

    This is a very active and rapidly evolving area. Also known as biopesticides, they target a crop pest (above and/or below ground) and provide protection either by directly attacking the pest, or by upregulating a plant’s own defence mechanisms. Mostly derived from live strains of the soil microbiome, they could also be non-living substances like fatty acids, pheromones, or plant extracts. Live organisms such as naturally occurring or commercially produced beneficial insects such as Ladybugs, Aphidius, Persimilis etc are considered part of this group. In terms of functionality, they could be further subdivided into the following.

    II. Biostimulants

    These contain substance(s) and/or micro-organisms whose function when applied to plants or the rhizosphere is to stimulate natural processes to enhance/benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, and crop quality (Calvo, Nelson & Kloepper 2014). They operate through different mechanisms than fertilisers, regardless of the presence of nutrients in the products. Some biostimulants stimulate a plant’s natural defence mechanism against pests and can induce Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) or Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR), biostimulants that do this are clearly acting as a form of pesticide.
    Most, though not all, biostimulants are comprised of non-living products. Biostimulant products may include materials like:

    III. Biofertilizers

    These play a significant role in helping growers efficiently use fertiliser. The application of a biological product can improve soil health and help plants absorb nutrients applications more effectively, requiring less products for optimum yield. Biofertilizers can replace or complement synthetic fertilizers but shouldn’t be confused with Biostimulants. A simple differentiation is to view biostimulants as products that can treat the “symptom” of a plant problem while biofertilizers address the “cause.” For instance, Biostimulants can help a plant recover or cope with abiotic stress from drought conditions while biofertilizers would help to improve soil fertility, structure, and water use efficiency to prevent drought conditions.
    Biofertilizer products may include:

    IV. Biodigesters

    Although, mostly used in broad acre for carbon recycling and preparing the field for planting, they are nature’s soil conditioners because they can convert free and available source carbon generated from post-harvest wastes and turn it into nutrients for soil and plants. The adoption of biodigesters is gradually growing because they are a sustainable strategy in waste management. They can reduce and eliminate toxic, left-over chemistries from previous production such as herbicide residues and growth retardant compounds. Examples of biodigesters include Saprophytes such as Phanerochaete chrysosporium, Trichoderma reesei, Trichoderma harzianum, Bacillus species and products like humic acids which feed and support the microorganisms introduced through the biodigester product.

    A closer look at a microbiome hero - Bacteria

    The most abundant bacteria to exist at the rhizosphere are Bacillus spp. It is also known from various experiments that Bacillus spp. are also the most active during the plant development phase. Bacillus spp. obviously play a significant role in plant growth and development and protection of new roots from disease.

    Two of the most well studied of the Bacillus spp. are Bacillus subtilis (Bs) and the less well-known Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (Ba). There are commercially available “biofertilisers” and “biofungicides” based on Bs and many players in the plant protection markets such as the multi-national giant BAYER, Syngenta, Corteva etc have continued to make serious investments in this space. Notable examples are the recent acquisition of AgraQuest by Bayer for US$425 million for their stable of Bs and the deal between Organic Crop Protectants Pty Ltd with German company Abitep GmBH to distribute a Ba strain called RhizoVital® FBZ42. This is an indicator of the current and future value placed on this group of bacteria to horticulture.

    How do Bacillus spp. influence plants?

    Accumulating evidence indicates that Bs and Ba like FBZ42 influences plant growth and development by the production of phytohormones such as auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins that are subsequently plant available. There are several metabolites (small molecules) that are released by these strains which increase nutrient availability to the plant. Bs and Ba secrete small iron chelating compounds called siderophores which benefit the plant roots in the immediate rhizosphere. Phosphorus (P) is an important macronutrient that is immobile and strongly held by soil colloids and unavailable to plants. Ba FBZ42 is one of the rhizobacteria that is most efficient at solubilising the insoluble inorganic P to make it available to plants. There are other positive effects of Rhizovital to influence plant growth.

    Bs and Ba inhibit pathogens in two ways and the first is that they compete for spaces around the roots and form a barrier which the pathogens, such as soil borne fungi, cannot penetrate. More intriguingly, studies show that the production of antifungal substances gives an antibiotic affect that deters pathogens and, rhizobacteria, including Bs and Ba, synthesise antifungal antibiotics which inhibit the growth of soil borne fungi in the vicinity.

    Secondly, rhizobacteria including Bs and Ba can simulate infected plants to respond with a salicylic-dependent signalling cascade that leads to a long-lasting disease resistance against fungi, bacteria, and viruses. This is the concept of induced systemic resistance centred on a plant’s response to a local infection response.

    A word on RhizoVital®FBZ42

    As with so many things in life, not all strains of Bs and Ba are the same; Bacillus work in symbiosis with the fine root hairs to create a live barrier protecting the root that disease cannot penetrate. The important thing to know is that most strains of bacillus remain near the surface leaving fresh root growth vulnerable to attack by pathogens. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FBZ42 (RhizoVital®) is a unique strain that moves with the developing root, maintaining a barrier and antibiotic affect against pathogen attack for the entire root mass. This coverage of the whole root ensures disease has no opportunity to set infection. It also provides the flexibility of using fungicide sprays (except copper-based fungicides) in combination with Rhizovital in production systems.

    Effect of Baccillus
    Figure 1:Effect of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42 on early plant development in tomato

    Promoting the activity of Bacillus spp. in soils and growing media

    Bs and Ba are aerobic bacteria, so they need oxygen to interact with the plant roots and create the enzymes required to increase nutrient availability. Basic plant management principles of maintaining a well aerated pot or soil profile, to facilitate gas exchange through a balance of aggregate to maintain air spaces and reduce water logging are paramount in aiding the efficacy of Bs and Ba.


    It is quite a daunting task to validate which biological technology would be best fit for one’s growing operation. As mentioned above, there are different types of microbial derived products which can be useful to the commercial producer. Once a suitable product has been selected, the first step should be to investigate what scientific evidence is available preferably via sound independent research. The next query would be to identify the scope of the technology. Has the technology been robustly evaluated especially in the field? Is it on a few or multiple crop types, locations, and growing conditions? It is critical to understand whether the technology is based on live microbes or it just an extract of some kind. The importance here is to understand the best storage and handling practices appropriate for the technology.

    It is key to know if the technology is a complete solution with clear, easy-to-use instructions or does it require some customisation in the operation to be applied. Finally, whatever technology one has chosen it must be clear where it fits or how it can be incorporated into existing management practices. Knowledge of the growing system and the intended product is critical to achieving success.


    Calvo, P, Nelson, L & Kloepper, JW 2014, 'Agricultural uses of plant biostimulants', Plant and Soil, vol. 383, no. 1, pp. 3-41, DOI 10.1007/s11104-014-2131-8,

    Chaparro, JM, Sheflin, AM, Manter, DK & Vivanco, JM 2012, 'Manipulating the soil microbiome to increase soil health and plant fertility', Biology and Fertility of Soils, vol. 48, no. 5, pp. 489-99.

    DPH Biologicals, Biologicals 101 for Ag Retailers, Farm Advisors and Growers

    Fierer, N 2017, 'Embracing the unknown: disentangling the complexities of the soil microbiome', Nature Reviews Microbiology, vol. 15, no. 10, pp. 579-90, DOI 10.1038/nrmicro.2017.87,

    G, R, Leeson, Organic Crop Protectants (OCP) Pty Ltd. ‘Bacteria rule the world’.

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  23. Danisaraba Miticide 5L from BASF is the new first choice for Web-Spinning Mite Control

    Danisaraba® introduces a highly effective new mode of action that’s ideal for first-line control of Two-Spotted Spider Mites and other Tetranychid (web-spinning species) such as Byrobia Mites, European Red Mites, Citrus Red Mites, Oriental Spider Mites at all life stages.

    Early application of Danisaraba can assist in preventing infestations reaching damaging levels while also easing selection pressure on older chemistry. Its unique site of action will also help manage the development of resistance to other miticides.

    It is highly compatible with a range of IPM systems, with minimal impact on beneficial species, including predatory mites.

    Key Benefits:
    • Highly effective at all life stages
    • Rapid knockdown and up to 21 days residual control
    • A new mode of action with no known cross-resistance
    • Minimal impact on beneficial mites and insects
    • Minimal impact on bee numbers and behaviour

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  24. Introducing the 50L 480mm Slimline - P480SL

    Introducing Garden City Plastics new 50L 480mm slimline pot, the P480SL.

    The P480SL is an economical alternative to the P500SL, with savings in production and freight. The P480SL has all the same features of the P500SL, however holds 2 litres less media and fits 5 to a pallet without overhang.

    Like the P500SL it pairs perfectly with the 500mm standard saucer (SCR500).

    New P480SL

    Order your P480SL now!

    #plastic #pot #pp5 #recyclable #gardencityplastics #nurseryandgardensupplies

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  25. Slasher Organic Weedkiller Spring-time Giveaway

    Win 1000L of Slasher Organic Weedkiller in the OCP Spring Giveaway!!!


    Competition time! For your chance to win 1,000L of Slasher organic weedkiller from OCP, simply purchase 20L of Slasher from us and describe why Slasher is your preferred organic weedkiller. Get in soon! Entries close 30th September 2022.

    To enter follow these steps:

    Good Luck!

    #GardenCityPlastics #OCP #Slasher #organic #weedkiller #nursery #plantlife

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  26. Agronomy Support for GCP Customers Nationwide

    GCP’s own Agronomist, Elliott Akintola has been supporting Garden City Plastics customers and Field Managers Australia wide since 2018. The GCP Agronomy Support is free to all GCP customers and provides unlimited access to experts and specialists including GCP Allied Partners, via phone and on site. Whether it’s optimising nutrition, managing pest and disease, improving water and irrigation, or leveraging controlled environments, the GCP Agronomy Team has the support you need. Contact or phone 1300695098 to discuss your requirements.

    Elliott Akintola | PCA Conference 2022

    Elliott Akintola | PCA Conference 2022

    Agronomic Support
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  27. FEATURED PRODUCT: P200E (4L 200mm Euro Pot)

    FEATURED PRODUCT: The 200mm 4 litre Euro pot offers a uniquely formed shape for a classy look with a distinctive base drainage pattern which is ideally suited to capillary watering. Benching avoids wastage occurring from overhead watering, the bottom up feeding practice and can also lengthen the cycle for fertilization. This container includes our tag lock system for effective plant labelling. The 200mm Shuttle tray adds stability.
    Available in clear, colour, black and printed, from all GCP branches nationwide.
    Click here to visit the product page.
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  28. Tree and Shrub Growers Meeting

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  29. IPPS Conference 2022 - ‘Looking Back, Looking Forward’

    IPPS Conference 2022  50 Years

    We are proud to be the major sponsor of the 50 years anniversary of the International Plant Propagators Society (IPPS) Australia Conference. This year, we would be exhibiting our brand new and exciting range of propagation products at this year’s conference!!

    Should you find yourself in the Blue Mountains, come and have a chat with the GCP Agronomist and Field Managers for all your propagation needs. #IPPS #propagators


    ‘Looking Back, Looking Forward’

    Wednesday 4th May to Friday 6th May

    Pre Conference Tour – Blue Mountains NSW – 2nd to 3rd May

    Registrations NOW OPEN visit


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  30. NEW PRODUCT: Introducing the new P90SLTL (90mm Tag Lock)

    It’s versatile, economical and a great addition to the Garden City Plastics slimline tag lock standard pot range. It is suitable for all smaller crops, succulents, indoor lines, herbs, potted colour and perennials.
    Available in clear, colour, black and printed, from all GCP branches nationwide.
    Click here to visit the product page
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  31. New Online Ordering Portal for GCP Trade Customers

    GCP trade only customers are able to:

    browse GCP's full range of products
    review sizes, colours and specifications
    see past purchases and prices
    place orders from anywhere at anytime

    Register for online portal here!

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  32. Greening Cities delivered by NGIV with Fleming's Nurseries.

    An invitation to VIC GCP Customers to join NGIV and Fleming's Nurseries at Greening Cities, the leading forum for urban greening professionals committed to reimagining our urban landscapes and making it happen; from current best practice to disruptive horticultural.

    Greening Cities

    Secure Your Spot
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  33. FlowTrace - Complete Trace Element for Potting Mix

    FlowTrace - Complete Trace Element for Potting Mix
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  34. FREE Workshop - Managing Weeds in Production Nurseries

    Managing Weeds in Production Nurseries

    Garden City Plastics - Workshop Series

    Join Garden City Plastics in-house agronomist Elliott Akintola and industry experts to review the products available to manage weeds in nursery production.

    Discover what’s new & the most suitable product to use, specific application techniques, performance expectations and re-application requirements of each product.

    Presentations will cover the appropriate use of industry approved liquid and granular pre-emergent herbicides such as Barricade, Freehand, Ronstar, Specticle & Sierraron.

    Event Details:
    27th April 2022, 4:30pm to 7:30pm, GCP Queensland Office, 19 Eastern Service Road, Stapylton 4207

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  35. Eco Shield organic snail and slug killer

    Eco Shield
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  36. Eliminate Dry Spots & Improve Wettability with Hydraflo

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  37. Christmas Holiday Closure Noon 23rd December 2021 and will re-open on the 4th January 2022. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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  38. DECEMBER GIVEAWAY | Freehand Pre-emergent Herbicide buy 10 get a Solo granulate spreader FREE

    Freehand Buy 10 get a Solo granulate spreader FREE

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  39. Slasher WeedKiller | Buy 20L get 5L Free - Offer Extended

    Slasher Buy 20L get 5L FREE

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  40. Biostim - Naturally Clean & Purify Water

    Biostim - Naturally Clean & Purify Water

    Biostim - Naturally Clean & Purify Water

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  41. SPRING GIVEAWAY | Slasher Buy 20L get 5L FREE

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  42. GCP's NEW Deep Seedling Tray - ready now!

    GCP's NEW Deep Seedling Tray
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  43. Get a Solar Phone Charger with our 5Ltr Barricade Offer

    Barricade® Pre-emergent Herbicide
    Barricade® Pre-emergent Herbicide
    Syngenta Offer T&C's
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  44. Versys Insecticide - New Solution For Mealybug Control

    Versys® Insecticide
    New Solution For Mealybug Control
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  45. Bait Snails & Slugs now to disrupt mating

    Snail & Slug Bait
    Snail & Slug Bait
    See Snail & Slug Baits
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  46. Broad Spectrum Organic & IPM Friendly Fungicide

    See EcoCarb Plus
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  47. Control & Suppress - Fungus Gnats

    Vectobac Azamax Pyganic
    See Insecticides
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  48. Pre-Emergent Herbicides For 3 - 6 Month Weed Control

    Visit GCP's Range of Pre-Emergent Herbicides Visit GCP's Range of Pre-Emergent Herbicides
    Barricade Pre-Emergent Herbicide Freehand Pre-Emergent Herbicide Ronstar Pre-Emergent Herbicide Rout Pre-Emergent Herbicide See Sprayers
    See Spreaders
    See Herbicides
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  49. Virkon H - Disinfectant Specific for Horticulture

    Virkon H - Disinfectant Specific for Horticulture
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  50. Post Emergent Herbicides - Get Summer Weeds Under Control NOW!!!

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  51. Rodent problems? Rat them out now with BASF Selontra® Soft Bait Rodenticide

    BASF Selontra® Soft Bait Rodenticide
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  52. Coir + H2Coco Utilise our tested and tried products


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  53. Slasher organic weed killer | SPRING PROMO


    ✓ Effective & Safe

    ✓ No lasting residues in soil

    ✓ Registered Organic product

    ✓ Easy to use around sensitive plants and trees

    ✓ Also controls algae and moss

    ✓ Reduces glyphosate resistance

    ✓ Ideal for commercial, industrial and large scale use

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  54. 2020 International Year of Plant Health, Protecting plants, protecting life

    2020 International Year of Plant Health, Protecting plants, protecting life

    The United Nations has declared 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH). The year is a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise global awareness on how protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development.

    The focus is on pests and diseases because they have the greatest impact on crops, the health of our environment and our way of life.

    The goal of the year

    The goal of the IYPH is to mobilise governments, industries, organisations, scientists and the public to:

    • work together in protecting the world’s plants against the spread of devastating pests
    • encourage scientific innovation to address pest threats
    • promote responsible practices that reduce pest spread
    • increase public and private sector support for more sustainable plant health strategies and services.

    In Australia

    Our agricultural industries, landscapes and biodiversity are under threat from pests and diseases. What’s at stake in Australia is our plant industries, which produce more than $30 billion worth of produce each year, and our natural environments such as our national parks, that have been estimated to deliver more than $6 trillion worth of benefits to Australia.

    Factors such as international and interstate movement, tourism and the increasing volume of goods moved into and around the country are all contributing to these increasing risks. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for us to build awareness of the importance of plant health, its wide-ranging impacts and available treatment options for our growers in Australia.


    Reyhaneh Pordel (Ph.D. Plant Physiology)

    Horticultural Agronomist and Sales

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    BASF Versys Insecticide

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