1. GCP - Introducing the 50L 480mm Slimline - P480SL

    Introducing Garden City Plastics new 50L 480mm slimline pot, the P480SL.

    The P480SL is an economical alternative to the P500SL, with savings in production and freight. The P480SL has all the same features of the P500SL, however holds 2 litres less media and fits 5 to a pallet without overhang.

    Like the P500SL it pairs perfectly with the 500mm standard saucer (SCR500).

    New P480SL

    Order your P480SL now!

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  2. GCP - Slasher Organic Weedkiller Spring-time Giveaway

    Win 1000L of Slasher Organic Weedkiller in the OCP Spring Giveaway!!!


    Competition time! For your chance to win 1,000L of Slasher organic weedkiller from OCP, simply purchase 20L of Slasher from us and describe why Slasher is your preferred organic weedkiller. Get in soon! Entries close 30th September 2022.

    To enter follow these steps:

    Good Luck!

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  3. GCP - Agronomy Support for GCP Customers Nationwide

    GCP’s own Agronomist, Elliott Akintola has been supporting Garden City Plastics customers and Field Managers Australia wide since 2018. The GCP Agronomy Support is free to all GCP customers and provides unlimited access to experts and specialists including GCP Allied Partners, via phone and on site. Whether it’s optimising nutrition, managing pest and disease, improving water and irrigation, or leveraging controlled environments, the GCP Agronomy Team has the support you need. Contact agronomyteam@gardencityplastics.com or phone 1300695098 to discuss your requirements.

    Elliott Akintola | PCA Conference 2022

    Elliott Akintola | PCA Conference 2022

    Agronomic Support
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  4. GCP - FEATURED PRODUCT: P200E (4L 200mm Euro Pot)

    FEATURED PRODUCT: The 200mm 4 litre Euro pot offers a uniquely formed shape for a classy look with a distinctive base drainage pattern which is ideally suited to capillary watering. Benching avoids wastage occurring from overhead watering, the bottom up feeding practice and can also lengthen the cycle for fertilization. This container includes our tag lock system for effective plant labelling. The 200mm Shuttle tray adds stability.
    Available in clear, colour, black and printed, from all GCP branches nationwide.
    Click here to visit the product page.
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  5. Tree and Shrub Growers Meeting

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  6. IPPS Conference 2022 - ‘Looking Back, Looking Forward’

    IPPS Conference 2022  50 Years

    We are proud to be the major sponsor of the 50 years anniversary of the International Plant Propagators Society (IPPS) Australia Conference. This year, we would be exhibiting our brand new and exciting range of propagation products at this year’s conference!!

    Should you find yourself in the Blue Mountains, come and have a chat with the GCP Agronomist and Field Managers for all your propagation needs. #IPPS #propagators


    ‘Looking Back, Looking Forward’

    Wednesday 4th May to Friday 6th May

    Pre Conference Tour – Blue Mountains NSW – 2nd to 3rd May

    Registrations NOW OPEN visit https://aus.ipps.org/


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  7. NEW PRODUCT: Introducing the new P90SLTL (90mm Tag Lock)

    It’s versatile, economical and a great addition to the Garden City Plastics slimline tag lock standard pot range. It is suitable for all smaller crops, succulents, indoor lines, herbs, potted colour and perennials.
    Available in clear, colour, black and printed, from all GCP branches nationwide.
    Click here to visit the product page
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  8. GCP - New Online Ordering Portal for GCP Trade Customers

    GCP trade only customers are able to:

    browse GCP's full range of products
    review sizes, colours and specifications
    see past purchases and prices
    place orders from anywhere at anytime

    Register for online portal here!

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  9. Greening Cities delivered by NGIV with Fleming's Nurseries.

    An invitation to VIC GCP Customers to join NGIV and Fleming's Nurseries at Greening Cities, the leading forum for urban greening professionals committed to reimagining our urban landscapes and making it happen; from current best practice to disruptive horticultural.

    Greening Cities

    Secure Your Spot
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  10. FlowTrace - Complete Trace Element for Potting Mix

    FlowTrace - Complete Trace Element for Potting Mix
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  11. FREE Workshop - Managing Weeds in Production Nurseries

    Managing Weeds in Production Nurseries

    Garden City Plastics - Workshop Series

    Join Garden City Plastics in-house agronomist Elliott Akintola and industry experts to review the products available to manage weeds in nursery production.

    Discover what’s new & the most suitable product to use, specific application techniques, performance expectations and re-application requirements of each product.

    Presentations will cover the appropriate use of industry approved liquid and granular pre-emergent herbicides such as Barricade, Freehand, Ronstar, Specticle & Sierraron.

    Event Details:
    27th April 2022, 4:30pm to 7:30pm, GCP Queensland Office, 19 Eastern Service Road, Stapylton 4207

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  12. Eco Shield organic snail and slug killer

    Eco Shield
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  13. Eliminate Dry Spots & Improve Wettability with Hydraflo

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  14. Christmas Holiday Closure Noon 23rd December 2021 and will re-open on the 4th January 2022. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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  15. DECEMBER GIVEAWAY | Freehand Pre-emergent Herbicide buy 10 get a Solo granulate spreader FREE

    Freehand Buy 10 get a Solo granulate spreader FREE

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  16. Slasher WeedKiller | Buy 20L get 5L Free - Offer Extended

    Slasher Buy 20L get 5L FREE

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  17. Biostim - Naturally Clean & Purify Water

    Biostim - Naturally Clean & Purify Water

    Biostim - Naturally Clean & Purify Water

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  18. SPRING GIVEAWAY | Slasher Buy 20L get 5L FREE

    Slasher Buy 20L get 5L FREE

    Slasher Buy 20L get 5L FREE

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  19. GCP's NEW Deep Seedling Tray - ready now!

    GCP's NEW Deep Seedling Tray
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  20. Get a Solar Phone Charger with our 5Ltr Barricade Offer

    Barricade® Pre-emergent Herbicide
    Barricade® Pre-emergent Herbicide
    Syngenta Offer T&C's
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  21. Versys Insecticide - New Solution For Mealybug Control

    Versys® Insecticide
    New Solution For Mealybug Control
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  22. Bait Snails & Slugs now to disrupt mating

    Snail & Slug Bait
    Snail & Slug Bait
    See Snail & Slug Baits
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  23. Broad Spectrum Organic & IPM Friendly Fungicide

    See EcoCarb Plus
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  24. Control & Suppress - Fungus Gnats

    Vectobac Azamax Pyganic
    See Insecticides
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  25. Pre-Emergent Herbicides For 3 - 6 Month Weed Control

    Visit GCP's Range of Pre-Emergent Herbicides Visit GCP's Range of Pre-Emergent Herbicides
    Barricade Pre-Emergent Herbicide Freehand Pre-Emergent Herbicide Ronstar Pre-Emergent Herbicide Rout Pre-Emergent Herbicide See Sprayers
    See Spreaders
    See Herbicides
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  26. Virkon H - Disinfectant Specific for Horticulture

    Virkon H - Disinfectant Specific for Horticulture
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  27. Post Emergent Herbicides - Get Summer Weeds Under Control NOW!!!

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  28. Rodent problems? Rat them out now with BASF Selontra® Soft Bait Rodenticide

    BASF Selontra® Soft Bait Rodenticide
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  29. Coir + H2Coco Utilise our tested and tried products


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  30. Slasher organic weed killer | SPRING PROMO


    ✓ Effective & Safe

    ✓ No lasting residues in soil

    ✓ Registered Organic product

    ✓ Easy to use around sensitive plants and trees

    ✓ Also controls algae and moss

    ✓ Reduces glyphosate resistance

    ✓ Ideal for commercial, industrial and large scale use

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  31. 2020 International Year of Plant Health, Protecting plants, protecting life

    2020 International Year of Plant Health, Protecting plants, protecting life

    The United Nations has declared 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH). The year is a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise global awareness on how protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development.

    The focus is on pests and diseases because they have the greatest impact on crops, the health of our environment and our way of life.

    The goal of the year

    The goal of the IYPH is to mobilise governments, industries, organisations, scientists and the public to:

    • work together in protecting the world’s plants against the spread of devastating pests
    • encourage scientific innovation to address pest threats
    • promote responsible practices that reduce pest spread
    • increase public and private sector support for more sustainable plant health strategies and services.

    In Australia

    Our agricultural industries, landscapes and biodiversity are under threat from pests and diseases. What’s at stake in Australia is our plant industries, which produce more than $30 billion worth of produce each year, and our natural environments such as our national parks, that have been estimated to deliver more than $6 trillion worth of benefits to Australia.

    Factors such as international and interstate movement, tourism and the increasing volume of goods moved into and around the country are all contributing to these increasing risks. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for us to build awareness of the importance of plant health, its wide-ranging impacts and available treatment options for our growers in Australia.



    Reyhaneh Pordel (Ph.D. Plant Physiology)

    Horticultural Agronomist and Sales

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  32. Versys Insecticide - suitable for IPM Programs

    BASF Versys Insecticide

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  33. NEW | Mankar Sprayers

    The Mankar line of sprayers can help you reduce labour and herbicide costs.

    Find out more about the Mankar Sprayers, available from GCP 

    Take me to the Mankar Sprayers Take me to the video demonstration of the Mankar  Roll Sprayer
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  34. Plastic Nursery Bench Tops & Frames

    NEW BENCHFRAME (sold seperately)

    Now available for the 1.8M BENCHTOP (product code: BENCH064) comes the Galvanised Steel Benchframe (product code: BENCHFRAME) to Suit 1.8m x 1.2m Bench Top

    Product details: BENCHFRAME (sold seperately) suits BENCH064 length 1800mm width 1200mm height 770mm Other sizes available, please contact your local sales representative.

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