Danisaraba® introduces a highly effective new mode of action that’s ideal for first-line control of Two-Spotted Spider Mites and other Tetranychid (web-spinning species) such as Byrobia Mites, European Red Mites, Citrus Red Mites, Oriental Spider Mites at all life stages.

Early application of Danisaraba can assist in preventing infestations reaching damaging levels while also easing selection pressure on older chemistry. Its unique site of action will also help manage the development of resistance to other miticides.

It is highly compatible with a range of IPM systems, with minimal impact on beneficial species, including predatory mites.

Key Benefits:
  • Highly effective at all life stages
  • Rapid knockdown and up to 21 days residual control
  • A new mode of action with no known cross-resistance
  • Minimal impact on beneficial mites and insects
  • Minimal impact on bee numbers and behaviour