Orthene Xtra

Orthene Xtra
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Registered for the control of certain insect pests on Bananas, Crucifers, Macademias, Ornamentals, Potatoes, Tobacco and Tomatoes. Effective against Heliothis, Caterpillar, Potato moth (tobacco leaf miner), Cabbage moth, Aphids, Whitefly, Stem borer, Cabbage White Butterfly, Flower Thrips, etc.
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Default UOM Each
Pack Size 1 Kg
Brand Name Arysta Lifescience
Size L / Kg 1 Kg
Function Chewing Insects
Active Ingredient 970g/Kg Acephate (an anti-cholinesterase compound)
Msds http://fmccrop.com.au/download/insecticides/msds/orthene_xtra_sds_140201.pdf
Residual Yes
Systemic Yes
Contact Yes
Scheduling 6
Synthetic Yes
Formulation Granular
For Ornamentals: Spray when infestation occurs and then at 14-day intervals. DO NOT spray more than once every 28 days on carnations and chrysanthemums. DO NOT apply to carnations less than 6 days before picking.