H2COCO - Wetting and water conservation agent for coir.
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H2Coco Liquid is a wetting and water conservation agent specifically formulated for use with coconut coir. It enables quick and total wetting of the substrate and moves water both vertically and horizontally due to its unique 3D technology. The amount of irrigation is reduced as there is less run off, especially during the initial wetting. The product is applied as an initial wetter and also during the normal fertigation cycle where it will also aid the movement of fertilizers throughout the substrate eliminating fertilizer hot-spots. It is also excellent at preventing the hardening of water repellent deposits.
This revolutionary new wetting and water conservation agent for coir, allows growers to maximise the efficiency of irrigation, reduce water rates and improve yields. The product acts to decrease setup time.
More Information
Product Brand ICL
Size L / Kg 5 L
Product Function Water Saving
Pesticide Type Wetting Agent
Active Ingredient(s) LIQUID non-ionic SURFACTANT formulation (ICL)