Hydraflo L - Liquid

A liquid wetting agent that can be used on all types of delicate ornamental flowering plants, sports and amenity turf. Besides promoting uniform water penetration, Hydraflo reduces water run-off on uneven ground through deep water penetration.
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Hydraflo liquid effectively decreases water surface tension. This aids the rewetting of soils in dry summer periods, eliminates localised dry spots and increases the uniformity of wetting throughout the sil profile by allowing better water penetration, absorption & encourage free drainage.

Product Advantages
Long term performance enables rewetting of dry soils
Better drainage promotes deeper, stronger roots
Safe to use on any turf and ornamentals
Uniform wetting to avoid summer dry patch
Readily available in 20L and 200L containers
More Information
Pack Size 5 L or 20 L or 200 L
Brand Name ICL
Function Water Saving
Active Ingredient LIQUID non-ionic SURFACTANT formulation (ICL)
Msds https://icl-sf.com/uploads/ANZ/SDS/Hydraflo%20L_GHS.pdf
Formulation Liquid

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Product Information

Can be used on all types of sports & amenity truf and any type of growing media. Safe t use on ornamentals including delicate ornamental flowering plants.