Osmocote Exact Mini Exact 3 - 4 months

15 - 3.9 - 9.1 + 1.2Mg + TE Controlled Release Fertiliser
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Used in Propagation situations where an even spread in a smaller cell is required. Ideal for use in community trays, tubes, and other small cells.
Osmocote Exact Mini is a 3rd generation fertiliser ideal for pots smaller than 8cm in diameter like plugs and trays with small compartments. The granules are smaller than standard Osmocote Exact granules, so that an even distribution can be achieved even in volumes starting at 20ml.
Cutting substrate is quite low in nutrients and additional fertilizing via the sprinkler system is often difficult. Osmocote Exact Mini improves the quality of the cuttings significantly, leading to more yield and higher profits.
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Pack Size 10 Kg
Brand Name ICL
Size kg 10
Npk 15 - 3.9 - 9.1 + 1.2Mg +TE
Msds https://www.gardencityplastics.com/OSMINI3410.html

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