SR2000 Fertilizer Spreader

SR-2000 is a fantastic rotary broadcasting fertilizer and seed spreader that can be relied upon for years of applications.
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Broadcast spreader with guaranteed uniform product delivery and consistent spread pattern no matter what the particle density. Optional deflector shield (sold separately) prevents product spreading onto paths and flower beds.

The SR-2000 is a very efficient spreader which has a setting rate. It also has a shut-off control switch, limiting the amount of wasted fertilizer / seed. It evenly dispenses the product over a large area; having a capacity of 42 liters (22kg) and a spread pattern from 2 – 6 meters. This saves time as the spreader will not need to be re-filled too often.

Additionally its durable, stainless steel frame rests upon large wheels that will not leave any tread marks during application

Reliable spreader, good for years of service
Sturdy stainless steel frame
Equipped with a setting rate and shut off switch
Can carry 42 liters, or 22kg of seed / fertilizer
Has a spread pattern of 2 – 6 meters
Wheels do not leave behind any tracks
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Product Brand ICL
Capacity Kg 22