2.3L Squat Waterwise Pot (180mm)

180mm Waterwise (Tag Lock) Squat Pots
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This squat holds 2.3 litres. Dual taglocks creates efficiency when labelling and capillary base allows for excellent drainage. Slightly tapered, decorative style enhances most plants. Suitable for Herbs, Some vegetables, Rockery plants and Potted colour. Use the TRSH180 for growing, holding and transporting.

MINIMUM RUNS Most coloured lines and decorative style pots require a minimum order to run due to the costs involved with production. If we do not carry your chosen colour in stock we will contact you to assist in meeting the minimum run quantity.

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Default Option 00 - Black
Unit of Measure CTN186
Product Brand GCP
Diameter mm 180
Height mm 130
Volume L 2.3
Pots per m3 410
Pack Qty 186
Pallet Qty 2232
Bulk_Qty 2520
Suits Hanger H300CK,H350CK,
Minimum Run 1116