5L Fluted (TL) (200mm)

200mm Fluted Standard Pots
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This 5 litre pot has fluted sides added to give it a different look offering attractive aesthetics to an otherwise standard pot. Features Taglocks for ease of labelling along with a semi capillary pot base is suitable in hydroponic situations. Suits TRSH200 for stability and lessen stem damage in windier areas.
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Default Option 00 - Black
Unit of Measure BUN64
Product Brand GCP
Diameter mm 200
Height mm 190
Volume L 5
Pots per m3 200
Pack Qty 64
Pallet Qty 1920
Bulk_Qty 3000
Minimum Run 1024
Notes *Capillary Base*
Windclips© will provide the best stability and wind protection for all Slimline and Standard Pots