18L Anova Pot (TL) (330mm)

The ANOVApot®' unique base design saves water and increases the interval of irrigation cycles, retention of fertilizers and promotes slightly less leaching than that of standard base multi hole pots.
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The ANOVApot® has been developed to minimise root escape from plants in pots (containers). Research has shown that the ANOVApot® significantly reduces root escape in a variety of commercially grown plants.

Promotes faster growth in overhead and drip irrigation, Reduces root escape (less plant attachment, mat breakdown and pathogen build up), Flat base and fewer roots allow a 70% reduction in detailing costs, Saves water, No basal salt build up, No holes for weed and algal growth with no exposed holes. The 330mm ANOVApot has a volume of 18 litres.
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Default Option 00 - Black
Unit of Measure BUN17
Product Brand GCP
Diameter mm 330
Height mm 265
Volume L 18
Pots per m3 67
Pack Qty 17
Pallet Qty 306
Bulk_Qty 306
Minimum Run 1003
Notes For more information on the water management features of this Aussie patented pot visit: www.gardencityplastics.com or www.anovapot.com