Jiffy Blueberry Mix - 70L

70 litre TPS Blueberry Mix
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A specialty mix, designed for Blueberries.
pH Adjusted
• This mix has been specially formulated for Blueberries with a pH of 4.3.
Designed to Last up to 5 Years
• Irish peat and graded coir are premium components selected for their longevity.
• The Jiffy Blueberry Mix has been engineered to maintain good drainage, structure and AFP over a period of up to 5 years.
Less Fines
• Coir pith and husks have been graded to reduce fines which will assist in maintaining better structure in the drainage zone of the pot.
AFP & Drainage
• Larger peat & coir fractions in the mix will maintain AFP and drainage even once it has reached the maximum water holding capacity.
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Unit of Measure Each
Product Brand Jiffy
Volume L 70
Pallet Qty 42
Notes Irish White Peat Coir Husk Coir Pith Perlite TBF Special