Jiffy GO FORMiT V3 - 70L

70 litre PEAT GO V3
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A blend of white and black fine peat which includes TBF Compact and JP3F binder.
Seed Germination
• This mix has a fine structure suitable for germination of vegetable and bedding plant varieties.
High Cation Exchange Capacity
• GO V3 is the only mix that combines black peat & JP3F binder. It will provide high cation exchange capacity and rewetting ability.
Compact Plants
• TBF Compact is a base fertiliser that will assist in maintaining compact plant growth during the propagation phase.
Blocking Peat
• With the combination of black peat & JP3F binder, this mix is suitable to use as a blocking peat.
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Notes Baltic White Peat ‘Fine’ Baltic Black Peat ‘Fine’ TBF Compact JP3F Lime