Jiffy Succulent Mix - 70L

70 Litre TPS Succulent Mix
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Specially designed substrate to achieve maximum drainage with high water holding capacity in small pots.
Premium Materials
• Coco fibre, perlite, bark and pumice are all premium graded material to specific particle sizes.
• Designed to assist with high levels of drainage and air fill porosity.
AFP & Drainage
• Pumice is a very porous material, this mineral stone is great for buffering water and nutrients.
• Pumice has a light weight porous structure that will maintain a high air fill porosity through a range of irrigation systems.
Water Holding Capacity
• White Peat Fraction 1 means that very fine material has been removed. This makes Fraction 1 great for water holding capacity while maintaining good drainage at the same time.
• Irish peat is a coarse peat that has high water holding capacity that can maintain good structure for AFP.
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Brand Name Jiffy
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Notes White Peat Fraction 1 Irish White Peat Medium Coco Fibre Perlite 3 Bark Fraction Pumice Lime TBF 17 – 10 – 14.4