Jiffy TPS FORMiT Multiplication High Demand - 225L

225 Ltr (TPS) Multiplication High Demand
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This mix has been designed for difficult to propagate lines.
Balanced Substrate
• A combination of graded white peat, coir pith, 15% perlite and fibrazorb wetting agent.
Air Fill Porosity (AFP)
• Multiplication High Demand has the highest AFP of the Jiffy propagation mixes - AFP of 18-25%.
FORMiT Binder
• FORMiT mineral binder not only helps roots to hold together during automatic transplanting, but it has a very high cationexchange capacity for fast nutrient uptake.
Compact Growth
• Multiplication High Demand also contains TBF Compact, a base fertiliser that will assist in maintaining compact plant growth during the propagation phase.
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Unit of Measure Each
Product Brand Jiffy
Volume L 225
Pallet Qty 30
Notes Baltic White Peat ‘Fine’ Baltic White Peat Blocks FR0 Coco Pith Perlite Lime TBF Compact JP3F Fibazorb