Jiffy TPS Coarse 0-30mm - 225L

225 Litre (TPS) Coarse WPB
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Coarse grade, ready to use substrate. Suitable to as a substrate component or use 100% in 20-40cm pots.
Ready to Use
• TPS Coarse is pH adjusted to 5.8 and is ready to use.
• This mix has higher AFP and coarser structure than TPS Medium.
• Suitable for potting 20-40cm pots.
Versatile Component
• Suitable to use as a stand alone substrate.
• Alternatively, a great additive to existing potting mix; peat will increase caion exchange capacity and moisture retention.
Maximise Fertilisers
• Peat will maximise the functionality of fertilisers and reduce the frequency of watering, whether it is used as a component or stand alone substrate.
More Information
Pack Size 225 L
Brand Name Jiffy
Volume 225
Pallet Qty 30
Notes Baltic White Peat ‘Fine’ Baltic White Peat ‘Medium’ Baltic Black Peat Blocks FR0 Lime TBF Fibazorb