Jiffy Base Peat - TPM 10-30mm - 300L

Peat Moss (TPM B 10-30) (Std) 300 Ltr
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TPM 10-30mm has been graded to remove particles smaller than 10mm and larger than 30mm.
Raw Materials - pH
• TPM B 10-30mm has not been pH adjusted, it is a raw peat that requires the addition of lime to raise the pH above 4.0.
• This peat is ideal to use as a component in pots with the addition of coir, bark, perlite, other fibres and or fertiliser.
• When Peat is added as a component to a bark or coir base mix, it will increase cation-exchange capacity and moisture retention. But what does this mean? You should consume less fertiliser & reduce water consumption.
• TPM 10-30 can be used in pots from 14cm to 30cm+. After buffering, this peat is suitable for almost any crop.
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Notes Baltic White Peat Coarse