Pad Printing

Single colour

Dry Off Set Printing

1 - 6 Colours

Screen Printing

1 Colour

Custom Print Your Business Brand

Garden City Plastics can print on to a variety of pots & containers.

From small tubes - up to 500mm containers and everything in between.

Add value to every crop you grow

Using 1 colour on the screen printing machine and up to six colours on the high speed dry offset printer.

Square Pots and Nursery Carry Trays can be pad printed.

As a part of our complete service offer for Plant Growers and Custom Moulded products, GCP is proud to offer a comprehensive range of Pad Printing, Screen Printing and Dry Offset printing on plastic Pots and Containers of many shapes and sizes.

We can help you Brand your product with in house Design staff and Information which will get your item ready to stand out on a retail shelf or share important information with the end user.

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  • Showcase your Brand
  • Event Marketing
  • Product Promotion
  • Gain valuable customer vison ahead of competitors
  • Save money on paper barcoding and other labelling
  • Logos
  • Bar Codes
  • Cultural Notes
  • Seasonally highlight your feature plant

For more information, contact your local GCP representative.
Follow the YouTube link here to see the GCP print facilty in action