PP5 Pot Recycle Bin Locations

PP5 Pot Recycle Bin Locations

Thank you for visiting our PP5 Pot Recycle Bin site. We're proud to partner with Polymer Processors and Norwood Industries who along with us are leading organisations committed to the collection of PP5 Pots. We collect more than just PP5 pots, we want you to recycled all PP5 pots, punnets, carry & shuttle trays and plant labels. Our committed to 'Where's ya Bin!' & 'Put PP5 in its Place'...needs your help to 1. check,. 2. tap, 3. stack...we can only accept PP5 plastic and ask that you check the symbol when using the recycle bins. 2. tap - prepare for buin drop, thoroughly tap out the soil. 3. stack - stack pots, trays etc, please remove from plastic carry bags, these are not recyclable in these bins.

Click on the links here to know 'Where's ya Bin!, if you're a RETAIL customer, locate your closest garden centre, if your a WHOLESALE customer, locate your closest industry partner.

Bin Collection, please email: potrecyclevic@gardencityplastics.com

To find out more about our PP5 Recycle Program visit: www.pp5.com.au

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Workplace Victoria

Download a pdf list of PP5 Bin Locations are available here.

Victoria RETAIL PP5 Pot Bin Locations

Victoria Locations (OPENS PDF) Victoria RETAIL Bin Locations (OPENS PDF)

Victoria WHOLESALE PP5 Pot Bin Locations

Victoria Locations (OPENS PDF) Victoria WHOLESALE Bin Locations