PP5 Recycling Initiative

PP5 Recycle Bin Locations

PP5 Pot Recycle Bin Locations

Thank you for coming to visit our PP5 Recycle Bin location site. We're proud to partner with Polymer Processors and Norwood Industries who are leading organisations that are committed to provide a collective program for PP5 recycling. We're committed to 'Where's ya Bin!' & 'Put PP5 in its Place'...we can only accept PP5 plastic and ask that you check the symbol when using the recycle bins.

Click on the links here to know 'Where's ya Bin! If you're a RETAIL customer, locate your closest garden centre, if your a WHOLESALE customer, locate your closest industry partner.

Bin Collection, please email: potrecyclevic@gardencityplastics.com

To find out more about our PP5 Recycle Program visit: www.pp5.com.au

Victoria Bin Locations

Norwood Industries

Norwood was established in the 1960’s by the Eason family and remains proudly owned by them. We pioneered the introduction of coloured UV printed plant tags in Australasia in the 1970’s and patented numerous label display and attachment devices since then to assist in the marketing of plants. Any polypropylene waste that is generated is 100% recycled in partnership with GCP. This approach to sustainability is made possible through comprehensive staff training and the shared culture of environmental impact awareness that has been created at Norwood.

Polymer Processors

Polymer Processors is one of the largest recycling facilities in Australia and is 100% family owned and operated. Since its inception in 1987, Polymer Processors has been constantly investing in new machinery to keep up with customer demand to help divert plastic waste from landfill. Using state of the art machinery that is used to wash, extrude and pelletize various types of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics. Garden City Plastics collects PP5 for recycling, returns to Polymer Processors for recycling and uses this material for manufacturing more flower pots and trays for the horticultural industry.