PyGanic® Insecticide - 3.78 Litre

Certified Organic knockdown insecticide. PyGanic® is a fast acting botanical insecticide derived from Chrysanthemums that provides short-term control of several insect pests by contact action on fruit and vegetable crops.
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A natural pyrethrum based organic insecticide for the immediate control of a wide range of insect pests in fruit, vegetable & ornamental crops. It is compatible with an IPM & rotation program because it has a short residual activity and its natural variation of pyrethrins prevents insects from building any resistance. It is IFOAM, NOP, BioGro and BFA Registered Organic Pyrethrum insecticide.
Controls Greenhouse thrips, Aphids, Diamondback Moth, Passion Vine hopper, Beet Armyworm.

Sucking Insects & Mites | Product activity & formulation:

Organic | Contact | IPM Compatibility | Liquid (Emulsifiable Concentrate)
Group: 3A
Scheduling: 0
More Information
Product Brand OCP
Size L / Kg 3.78 L
Product Function Chewing Insects
Pesticide Type Insecticide
Active Ingredient(s) Six constituents of Pyrethrums (OCP)
  • No residual activity, but useful in an IPM program.
  • Spray when first observed.
  • DO NOT apply when bees are actively foraging.
  • Thorough coverage is essential for optimum performance.
  • Repeat applications may be necessary.