Regen 2000 Smokemaster

A liquid smoke designed to trigger nature's bushfire regeneration process for improved germination with proven success on seedlings, seed trays and a wide range of vegetables, herbs and flowering species.
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It allows greater uniformity across sown seeds, promote healthy & accelerated seedling growth, prevent fungal infections and ensures cost efficiency.
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Pack Size 5 L or 10 L or 20 L
Brand Name Grayson Australia
Sales UOM Pack Qty 1
Active Ingredient Water, Wood Smoke (IMB -B), Emulsifier, Food Colour (129)
Vegetative Yes
Scheduling 0
Formulation Liquid
Organic Yes

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Product Information

Seeds can be treated in a diluted solution for 6 - 36 hours until they begin to swell. Treated seeds can then be sown when required. Alternatively, trays containing sown seeds can be sprayed with undiluted Regen Smokemaster and carefully watered for the f