Sarsil 10 Litre Anti-Transpirants Plant Health
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Increases leaf chlorophyll content & plant metabolism. Enhances plant anti-oxidant levels that assist with buffering against environmental stress. Mitigates nutrient imbalances & toxicity in plants. Reinforces canopy architecture leading to improved photosynthesis efficiencies and reduced sunburn & heat stress. Toughens plant cell walls making it more difficult for invading pathogens to infect and reduces the palatability of the plant to insects. Thicker cell walls which reduces moisture loss and postharvest breakdown.
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Product Brand OCP
Size L / Kg 10L
Active Ingredient(s) High analysis liquid Potassium silicate (Organic Crop Protectants)
Check compatibility with fertilisers and pesticides that may react negatively in a high pH spray solution. DO NOT apply foliar sprays to open blooms of Geranium, Marigold, Pansies & Petunias. Please note that Sarsil is a plant fertilizer and for Anti-transpiration purposes it needs to be applied at least one month (every 10 days) before the extreme condition occurs.