SlugOut - All Weather Slug & Snail Bait

Quick and effective control against slugs and snails in gardens, fruits and vegetable crops
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Slugout - slug and snail bait uses a unique Corbie technology for superior spreadability and more effective control. The granules are rain resistant and are used for the control of slugs and snails in gardens, fruit and vegetable crops, winter cereals, oilseeds (including poppies), pulses and pastures.
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Pack Size 20 Kg
Brand Name Nufarm
Size kg 20 Kg
Size L / Kg 20
Pallet Qty 5000
Active Ingredient 18 g/Kg Metaldehyde
Scheduling 5
Synthetic Yes
Formulation Granular

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Product Information

Apply after rain, watering or during damp and humid weather. For best results apply 5 - 10 days before planting. Broadcast: Scatter evenly over the surface of the ground around seedlings and plants to be protected and in areas where snails and slugs congregate. Drilling with Seed: Drill into soil along with the seed. Distribute through granule application hopper or mix thoroughly with the seed.