SOLO Manual Sprayers 457 - 7.5L

SOLO Manual Sprayers 457 - 7.5L
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457. A 340 cm pump generates a working pressure of 3 bar after astonishingly few strokes. The sprayer is extremely robust, easy to use and cleaning is straightforward.
1 Flat jet & hollow cone nozzle
2 Clamps for securing plastic & brass spray wands
3 Quick-acting closure by twisting the handle
4 Safety valve automatically compensates in the case of excess pressure inside the tank
5 Extra large piston pump-operating pressure achieved after just a feew pump strokes
6 Robust spray wand
7 Practical strap
8 Clearly visible spray medium level
9 Ergonomically shaped handle
More Information
Product Brand GCP
Weight kg 2.6 Kg
Tank Capacity 7.5 L
Spray Pressure Bar 3 bar
Seals Viton
Nozzle SOLO flat jet and hollow cone nozzle
Spray wand 50cm Plastic
Delivery Hose Length 1.4 m