SEASOL Liquid Organic Humate 20 Litre

Liquid Organic Humate is a specialised premium soil conditioner for improving soil structure, moisture retention, stimulate soil microbial activity, improve soil carbon levels and aid plant nutrient uptake.
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It helps to release bound nutrients, providing on going benefit to plants. In sandy soils it also helps reduce nutrient leaching. Humate also assists the development of improved friability in clay soils and soil moisture retention in sandy soils. Effects help support vigorous plant growth and promote soil microbial activity.
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Product Brand Seasol
Size L / Kg 20 L
Pesticide Type Soil & Plant Additives
Active Ingredient(s) Ingredients determined not to be hazardous including water
  • Appy prior to planting, after cultivation & bed forming is completed.
  • Best used in conjunction with existing fertilizer program or an additive to liquid feeds.