3.5L Anti Root Spiralling Pot 21 SUPER ERCOLE ROUND (215mm)

210mm - Advanced Range Anti Root Spiralling Pot 21 - The best root protection to protect against pot bound stock.
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The 215mm 4 litre Anti-Spiral pot is a recyclable and reusable container with a number of features:
1. Eliminate root circling;
2. Encourages strong growth through the media;
3. Roots are air pruned upon exiting through the slots - encouraging more roots to re-shoot, leading to a build-up of dense and fibrous root system;
4. Minimises transplant shock when potting on - roots grow quickly into surrounding soil, forming strong anchor roots with the soil for many years to come.
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Default Option 00 - Black
Default UOM BUN10
Brand Name GCP
Diameter mm 215
Height 190
Volume 3.5
Pack Qty 10