GCP & Tropicoir Partnership

GCP is the proud Australian distributor of Coir products from Tropicoir. In the last 5 years, we have partnered with Tropicoir to ensure that Coir growing bags and blocks of the highest quality are available to our customers. The consistent excellent results and performance of our coir has been attested by our growers and their continued patronage helps to further the Coir sustainability program. Together, we are actively and responsibly contributing to improve our environment and impacting lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Statement

Tropicoir's CSR and Sustainability policy defines the economic, social, and environmental responsibility. As part of an ecosystem engaging people and technologies to create value through utilization of renewable natural resource, they have placed great emphasis on the ecological and social footprints.

Their relentless pursuit of sustainable practices through process innovation has made great strides year after year in reducing the ecological footprint. They are also engaged in several ongoing projects making meaningful progress in increasing the ecological handprint.

As Manufacturers of superior quality coco substrates for over two decades, utilising a renewable resource (coconut husks), they ensure that their values comprehend through all spheres of their operations from ethical sourcing of the raw material to responsible value addition, enriching lives of thousands of internal and external stakeholders.

Their desire to uphold ethical practices, respect human rights, and denounce all forms of discrimination is evident through the two-decades-long exemplary track record of successfully serving theirclients in diverse markets such as horticulture, home and garden, and environmental technologies in over 45 countries.

CSR and sustainability are inextricably integrated with their strategic direction, and it is deeply embedded in the cultural DNA of their organization, instilling a great sense of responsibility in the team and empowering them to make no compromises when it comes to the natural environment and people.



CSR Initiatives
Sharing with the community
100+ CSR Projects supporting, Medical, Education, religious and various other needs of their communities.


Employment opportunities
Empowering the people
1,100+ direct and over 3,500+ indirect employment opportunities.


Learning English and IT every year
Conducting English and IT education for 350+ children in the community with all facilities provided FOC

546,000+ kg

Saved CO2 Emission (Since 2019)
Through Solar Power Generation
equivalent 9,000 trees planted


Coconut trees
Sustainability of resource
They have planted 30,000+ Coconut trees around
the country to boost coconut Plantations as a part of their initiative to plant 100,000 coconut trees


80+ Houses
Providing Shelter
Constructed and donated to the underprivileged people around the country


A strong commitment in certifying our facilities under ISO 9001/14001, SA 8000, GMP and OMRI illustrates their devotion to sustainability.

Our Ecological Foot Print

They recognize that they are on a challenging journey to sustainability as they align their strategies and actions to meet evolving environmental demands.
Their vigorous innovation process is focused on responsible water and energy usage.
With their ambitious plan of reaching ‘Net-Zero Status’ for GHG emissions in their manufacturing operations by 2025, they focus on reducing energy usage through increased efficiency and achieving their remaining need by renewable power.
Through their Reduce and Re-use/Re-cycle policy, they are committed to saving the life blood of the planet, water.

769,268 Kwh

Solar power production


Water saving through process innovation

Our Children | Our Future

Providing a brighter future for their children is one of their key priorities. They have established the Growrite English and IT Academy to achieve this goal. Over 350 children are enrolled annually, and all facilities are provided by Tropicoir at no cost to them.
Their objective is to provide an opportunity for the children to grow up as global citizens broadening their scope for success in life.

Our Resource | Our Future

Contributing to the nation’s drive to preserve this vital crop (Coconut) and the natural environment, they have embarked on a project to grow 100,000 coconut trees. They have engaged the team members and a broader section of our communities to achieve this task.
The objective of this program is to boost the country's depleting coconut tree population and utilize the amazing carbon sequestration capacity of coconut trees to compensate for the loss of forest cover.
They have engaged children in this initiative in a unique way to inculcate the habit of tree planting in them and to provide an opportunity to grow up as environmentally responsible citizens.
Through this project “Anagathaya Wawamu Kapruka Rekaganimu” they have successfully planted over 30,000 coconut trees up to now.

Tropicoir Lanka Corporate Video YouTube Link