0.18L MDF cover pot (110mm)

TEKU - 0.18L MDF cover pot (110mm)
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The coverpots of the MDF series are a brand new series of pots.
Thanks to attractive labelling, these new pots from TEKU® are a real eye-catcher and attract extra attention in the retail environment.

Coverpots are produced with the in-mould labelling (IML) process. In this process the label is attached to the pot during moulding. After the injection moulding process, the label and the pot
become an inseparable unit. This guarantees a long-lasting and high-quality appearance.

The new series is available in various designs. To find out more go to our web site www.gardencityplastics.com/Teku Cover Pots Range..

Of course we can also develop your own label ideas to create bespoke eye-catchers.

MINIMUM RUNS Most coloured lines and decorative style pots require a minimum order to run due to the costs involved with production. If we do not carry your chosen colour in stock we will contact you to assist in meeting the minimum run quantity.

More Information
Product Brand TEKU
Diameter mm 110
Height mm 122
Pack Qty 594
Suits TE105VCG,TE110VCG,TE110VCH