160mm VCE

TEKU - 160mm VCE Thermoformed pot.
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Ideally suited for roses, these containers promote, fast growth, healthy flowers, excellent stacking and unstacking. Often, it is such details which make large differences. In other words: precision work.

Reduced cultivation time; Rapid growth and healthy plants due to ideal watering and drainage.

Very low failure rates; Roots are not adversely effected or damaged by exposure to light.

Easy de-nesting from the stack; The facet rim and high degree of lateral stability ensure easy de-nesting from the stack in the pot magazine.

Easily stacked; The pots are stacked using the patented facet rim - for error-free stacking.

Use of recycled materials; Careful preparation and intensive use of recycled plastics.

Reduced weight; Unrivalled low materials usage thanks to continuous design optimisation.
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Product Brand TEKU
Diameter mm 160
Height mm 200
Volume L 3
Pots per m3 333
Pack Qty 330
Pallet Qty 5280