5.6L Classic (270mm)

TEKU - 5.6L Classic (270mm) Injection moulded, Hanging Basket.
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The TEKU hanging basket provides, optimal root growth; No need for internal stacking lifts - allows optimal root growth.

Easy de-nesting from the stack; Reliable stacking intervals and the high degree of stability of the sides ensure easy de-nesting from the stack.

Easily stacked; Stacked using the pot edge - for trouble-free stacking.

Better handling; Pronounced edge for better handling with automatic spacing systems.

Reduced labour costs; Perfect hanger fixing for fast and secure installation.

Reduced transport costs; The optimal diameter and improved fit increase loading quota per CC container.

Reduced weight; Unrivalled low materials usage thanks to continuous design optimisation.
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Brand Name TEKU
Diameter mm 270
Height 165
Volume 5.6
Pots Per M3 179
Pack Qty 46
Pallet Qty 2208
Suits TEH500