Vibrex Horticare (Salt) & Vibrex Activator (Food grade acid)
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Vibrex is a stabilised Chlorine Dioxide Sanitising agent. A versatile water treatment solution effective as both a disinfectant and an oxidant (taste, colour, Iron & Manganese removal) in water. Works over a broad pH range & is used as a broad-spectrum biocide, effectively inactivating and controlling Viral, Bacterial & Fungal disease causing pathogens as well as controlling bio-film growth in water systems.
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Formulation Liquid
Vibrex Horticare (Salt) & Vibrex Activator (Food grade acid) are the two reagents mixed together to produce Chlorine Dioxide which can then be added to water source. Used in: Water treatment & Biofilm Control Hard surface non-rinse sanitation & disinfection Post harvest Sanitation Iron & Manganese removal from water