1000 Litre - Easy Fill ™ Woven Bag - “New Round Base”
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1000 Tall Squat - Easy Fill ™ Woven Bag - “New Round Base”

• Taller profile provides benefits for both deeper rooted stock and smaller diameter footprint for tighter per meter grouping.
• Ideal for growing larger specimen trees
• Used for larger palms/trees for potting after transplanting from tubs/gardens
• Use Initiator (Confidor) tablets to increase plant vigour by reducing potential insect damage (Confidor not suitable for plants with edible fruit/foliage).

The Garden City Plastics range of Woven Bags are made from a laminated Woven Polypropylene. They are available in green only and provide a great alternative to plastic pots. They are all UV treated with both bag and stitching. All panels are stitched with ‘nylon’ and all handles are double stitched for extra strength in the long term. Your logo can be printed on the bags adding to your product promotion and marketing.
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Product Brand GCP
Diameter mm 1200
Height mm 900
Volume L 1000
Pack Qty 10
Notes * Dimensions when approximately filled. Bags are made from Laminated Woven Polypropylene and available in Green only.