Wire rack 400mm spaced (2x3) - [130/pallet]

2 X 3 = 6 cells
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V-feetRacks - wire racks with inward slanting supports, designed for a simple and effective way to prevent plants from falling over.

• Suits GCP Pots (can also be customised).
• Evenly space your pots to suit.
• Made from galvanized aluzinc for lasting durability in nursery conditions.

MINIMUM RUNS Most coloured lines and decorative style pots require a minimum order to run due to the costs involved with production. If we do not carry your chosen colour in stock we will contact you to assist in meeting the minimum run quantity.

More Information
Product Brand GCP
Length mm 1796
Width mm 1096
Height mm 297
Cell No._Qty 6
Pallet Qty 130
Suits P400SL