Osmocote Pro 5 - 6 months

19 - 3.9 - 8.3 + 1.2Mg + TE Slow Release Fertiliser
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Osmocote Pro is the best 2nd generation fertiliser on the market, offering high NPK content and proven performance. Fully coated and packed with NPK, magnesium and all the necessary microelements. Plus it has a fixed longevity range depending on the release time.

Osmocote Pro features a regular release pattern and can be used at full rates or as a base dressing combined with water soluble feedings.

Suitable for medium term crops such as some perennials, fruiting vegetables and quicker growing rockery and shrub lines.
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Unit of Measure Each
Product Brand ICL
Size kg 25
NPK 19-3.9-8.3+1.2Mg+TE,
MSDS MSDS - Osmocote Pro 5 - 6 months