Tridim 250EC

For systemic control of fungal diseases such as ring spot, powdery mildew, Myrtle rust, in vegetables, nursery stock (non-food and forestry), non-bearing fruit trees, ornamentals, cut flowers and various diseases in turf as per label direction for use tab

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• Tridim is a Group 3 acropetally systemic fungicide.


• Being systemic Tridim moves into the plant and protects the leaf from inside and out.


• Tridim works by preventing fungus from developing cell membranes. Without the membranes, cells cannot be made and thus the fungus dies.


• Tridim is cost effective in disease prevention programs. Tridim once rainfast will not wash off.


• Tridim has a short WHP for many crops ( see label for full details).


• With Tridim effective spray coverage is essential. This can be achieved changing nozzles and general setup to target the whole crop with higher water volumes especially in peak growth.


• Two Tridim sprays 7 days apart may be necessary in high-pressure situations.

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Default UOM Each
Pack Size 1 L or 5 L
Brand Name GCP
Pack Qty 1
Function Fungicide
Active Ingredient Triadimenol 250g/L + N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone 600g/L
MOA It disrupts fatty acid biosynthesis in fungal membranes results in malformed membranes, permeability and cell death.
Systemic Yes
Scheduling 6
Synthetic Yes
Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate

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Product Information

Apply sufficient volume to ensure adequate coverage of all plant surfaces. The minimum re-treatment interval between consecutive applications is 14-21 days. Use higher rate under heavy disease pressure or when conditions favour disease development for ring spot control in Brassica vegetables.